Quality assurance

Quality statement

We conduct our assurance engagement respecting

  • 100% independence of, as well as, professionalism and impartiality to the Client  
  • Size of each Engagement and/or Client may not influence our professional and impartial judgement  
  • Partner of the firm is accountable for all engagement processes regarding Client acceptance, engagement planning and performing  
  • Zero-tolerance on unethical behaviour in assurance expression  
  • Audit team asigned is qualified and in sufficient capacity (knowledge, competence, time) as to deliver quality service for the Client  
  • 100% Clients' satisfaction

Intercons d.o.o. Zenica management team


Applicable standards (ISQC1, ISA 220, Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants; issued by IFAC/IAASB)

We do plan and perform our engagements obeying ISQC1, ISA220 and Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. Our work complies with the standards requirements; as evidenced in our procedures and records (as per engagement) on audit/review process and auditor's documentation.

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